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  • Angela Mitchell
    Angela Mitchell Friday, 11 July 2014 17:54 Comment Link

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Angela Mitchell and I work for Stout Management Co. at Pinehurst Apartments. Recently, my property had a string of break-ins and general multi-family housing issues. Our security at the time just did not have a strong enough presence and our residents suffered. We have since hired Unity One, Inc. and we have never been happier as a community!

    They offer a very personalized service that cannot be beat. Our residents not only see them either driving through on the hour or walking our property and conversing with them individually. They are visually striking and very professional which here at Pinehurst was definitely needed. Not only do they keep us secure; they join us in community events as one of our most cherished sponsors.

    When considering who to choose for the protection of your community please consider Unity One, Inc.

    Highest Regards,

    Angela Mitchell
    Property Manager
    Pinehurst Apartments

  • Joe S.
    Joe S. Wednesday, 02 July 2014 18:16 Comment Link

    To Whom It May Concern,

    It is not often that I feel truly confident enough in a vendor that I would give them a “blank check” so to speak by writing a referral letter for them.

    Unity One is the exception to the rule. In terms of security, I have never felt good about using security companies in my HOA’s. Frankly I just don’t think you get the bang for your buck. When I was first approached by Unity One their pricing was an automatic concern, as it would be for any manager working with a limited budget for their property. When I learned more about Unity One and met their staff, I quickly realized this was no ordinary security company. The value of their service far exceeds the cost of their service.

    Their staff is top notch. This goes from their executive staff running the company and selling the product, to their field agents taking care of the property. The agents present themselves in a first class manner to the community. I couldn’t ask for anything more from them. They are by far the best of the best.

    Another concern I had from the start was how often they actually patrolled the property. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised at the frequency they are on site. I am told by homeowners that they are always there. I, myself, have witnessed them on property at all hours of the night.

    Their weekly reports are very detailed and give me a full insight as to what is happening at the property. After the very first report I joked that at least I knew they got out of their cars—because they reported finding a dead bird behind bushes near the pool. They could have only seen that area if they were walking the perimeter.

    They respond quickly when homeowners contact them and, again, I get a full report of what took place. At one property that had continual security problems—despite being a gated community—it took less than 3 or 4 weeks to witness a complete turnaround at the property. The Board of Directors has been very pleased with the services…and more importantly so have the homeowners.

    If you have any security issues on your property that you need help with, I assure you that if you team up with Unity One you will see results. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending Unity One. I currently have two properties with them, and am close to adding a third. If anyone would ever like to speak to me directly about them, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Joe S.

  • Claire Balino
    Claire Balino Wednesday, 02 July 2014 18:13 Comment Link

    As the Community Director at The Clubs at Rhodes Ranch I want to thank all the employees at Unity One, Inc. for having done a truly outstanding job in every patrol or monitoring activity we asked you to address. The staff has tackled every situation in a very professional manner; from patrolling our community for parking violators, pool monitoring during the summer months, responses to residents needs, etc. Unity One, Inc.’s professionalism has made very difficult situations turn into a wonderful experience!

    I can unequivocally state that from my point of view we could not be dealing with a better company than Unity One, Inc. and what makes a company great is its people!!! On behalf of myself, employees and all residents of The Clubs at Rhodes Ranch, I want to thank you for the work you do for us.


    Claire Balino | Community Director
    The Clubs at Rhodes Ranch | FPI Management

  • Gil  Jenny Harver
    Gil Jenny Harver Wednesday, 02 July 2014 18:10 Comment Link

    Good Morning Phil, it appears that our fire problem has been fixed at this time and we will not need security any longer. I personally want to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with you. Your personnel are professional and extremely nice and polite and did their jobs well. We have been in Storage 17 years and have dealt with many security companies and we feel yours is one of the finest. We received some of your business cards and will heartily recommend your company. Thank you again. Jenny Haver

    Gil & Jenny Haver
    Facility Managers
    StorageOne @ Blue Diamond

  • Sheena Casey
    Sheena Casey Wednesday, 02 July 2014 18:06 Comment Link

    "We teamed up with Unity One exclusively at all our projects in Las Vegas and have been very satisfied with the service provided. We find that their team is very reliable, courteous and professional. I would recommend Unity One to anyone requiring courtesy patrol as I am confident in their ability in fulfilling whatever your security needs may be. You won't be disappointed"

    Sheena Casey
    Executive Portfolio Manager - Las Vegas


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