UNITY ONE, Inc. (UOI) is an international security services and private investigations firm. Our primary objective is to provide unmatched quality and protection through intelligence and deterrence using standard or specialized security services for individuals and companies both domestically and internationally. Our investigations and due diligence department is an undisputed leader in dealing with fraud, theft, threat investigations and asset identification.

We provide the most customized, professional Security, Investigative, Consulting, Training and Due Diligence services worldwide. Encompassing 360-degree operational coverage with no compromise in quality of service by employing and training the best staff in the business.

Who We Are

UOI formed in 2006, is a veteran owned private investigations and specialized security services firm licensed in the state of Nevada (PILB # 1566 A/B). Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV the company consists of an elite group of registered and certified Agents with an executive staff possessing over 100 years of collective investigative and security experience from within the military, law enforcement, and civilian sectors.

UOI is licensed in Nevada through the Private Investigators Licensing Board (PILB) to act as a Private Patrol Operations (PPO), Private Investigations (PI), and Process Services (PS) firm. (This unique and sought after set of skills developed into an easily accessible pool of information that was able to provide corporate intelligence to investors and brokers, throughout an industry fraught with deceit and theft.)

UOI is a leader in the professional security services industry. Our local patrol division utilizes its unique "Deterrence through Presence" approach to protect residents, businesses and the surrounding community. UOI Patrol Officers also perform emergency response and alarm response duties 24/7 for residential and commercial establishments across the entire Las Vegas Valley. Security personnel are cross-trained to handle Protective Service Details and other static guard services. In addition, UOI offers Investigative Services, Process Serving and Security Consulting. Our investigations and due diligence department is recognized around the globe in dealing with fraud, theft, threat investigations and asset identification.

In response to clients needs over the years UOI developed a training regimen to professionally develop its employees. All of our officers have attended our mandatory UOI Academy and possess best practices pulled from training in law enforcement (Nevada P.O.S.T CAT I & II), private security and all 4 branches of the armed forces. In 2009, the company conducted the first UOI Training Academy. Since then they have held several Academy's and trained over 100 investigators, security and administrative personnel.

As the demand for qualified security personnel has increased over the years, UOI has evolved to meet those demands. In 2012, UOI added to its Protective Service Operations (PSO) and Convention Security Services a highly trained Private Patrol Unit. The primary objective of this unit is to protect and serve the community and it's residents. By concentrating on Physical Security, the executive staff has developed a team of highly trained Security Officers and protective service personnel; whose ability to conduct physical security services, high-level due diligence to detect fraudulent business practices and protect our clients, their intellectual property, patents, investments, products, families, and assets from negative elements has given UOI an edge in the Protective Services Industry.

UOI was started on the premise that if honest people where working on honest projects and business, then our local economy would benefit and in turn all that conducted business with UOI would benefit in the long run as business transactions could be conducted faster and safer along with clients feeling comfortable with the right protection. In the beginning it was just an idea. As it turns out, it is becoming a movement.

Collective Experience in Countries

Russia, Georgia, U.A.E., England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Gabon, Egypt, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, Tunisia, Niger, Libya, Chad, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Italy, Germany, Armenia, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, China, The Bahamas, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Libya, Morocco, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Philippines, India, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Jamaica, Haiti, Switzerland, Sumatra, Mentawais Islands, Czech Republic and counting...

Collective Languages

English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Russian, Korean, Mandarin, Italian

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