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To whom it may concern,

My name is Angela Mitchell and I work for Stout Management Co. at Pinehurst Apartments. Recently, my property had a string of break-ins and general multi-family housing issues. Our security at the time just did not have a strong enough presence and our residents suffered. We have since hired Unity One, Inc. and we have never been happier as a community!

They offer a very personalized service that cannot be beat. Our residents not only see them either driving through on the hour or walking our property and conversing with them individually. They are visually striking and very professional which here at Pinehurst was definitely needed. Not only do they keep us secure; they join us in community events as one of our most cherished sponsors.

When considering who to choose for the protection of your community please consider Unity One, Inc.

Highest Regards,

Angela Mitchell
Property Manager
Pinehurst Apartments