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Review Journal: Securing cash and drug: the other side of Nevada’s pot business

A story from Review Journal about Nevada pot business which includes Unity One, Inc security team which hopes to work with medical marijuana businesses. Lenny Davis spent much of his 31-year career in law enforcement busting down doors to confiscate illicit marijuana and piles of drug money. Some of the dealers he locked up are still in prison. Phil Gervasi busted drug dealers as an officer with the New York City Police Department, and spent 17 years with the Clark County School District police. These days, Davis and Gervasi are part of security firms competing for deals with dozens of Clark County medical marijuana businesses.

The Best HOA Security in Las Vegas

Las Vegas residential neighborhoods are known for their community style living, where most developers partner up with Home Owner Associations that assume responsibility for property management and providing security for residents. Most HOA personnel, such as security staff are individuals who have not had adequate training or field experience. Security guards are not hired to behave like or impersonate police officers, they must act professionally and within their bounds.The main purpose of most guard services hired to protect HOA communities is to observe and report.

When it comes to HOA security, only the best should be considered for the job and here are a few things to look for when selecting a team for your community.


Best Guard Dog For Your Family

If you are anything like us here at The Living Pages, you are an animal lover and you probably have a few cuddly creatures at home. Many of us enjoy our pets for companionship and love but many families also pick breeds specifically for guardianship. If you were looking for a strong and alert guard dog, which one would you choose? To help you narrow down some choices, we have put together a list of the best breeds for protection.

School Safety: How Safe Are Your Children?

It is no secret by now that Nevada ranks as one of the worst states for public school systems in the country. Recently, an article came up that children are learning HTML on paper, because that local school does not have computers. Knowing the fact that system's officials are struggling to provide a healthy educational environment, pressing questions of safety come up; what are they doing to keep our children safe? When you drop of your children at school, what guarantee to do you have that there is a protocol in place to keep children safe?

Should There Be Higher Standards Placed On Private Security Companies?

When you spend a bit of time in Las Vegas, you will notice that most of the suburban areas are comprised of gated communities and apartments. A majority of commercial properties are patrolled and wherever you go, someone is watching. For many of us that provides a much-needed sense of security.

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