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Why Your Neighbor Hates You

Modern society has been deeply affected by technological change and has made the world a more distant place. Where once technology brought us closer together, for instance, being able to visit a family member on another continent in mere hours by air rather than spending months at sea, or to hear the voice of a loved one instantly on the telephone versus waiting weeks for a letter, now it is hindering our very ability to be human.

The same reason you hate your neighbor, is the same reason he hates you: Humanistic indifference. Where is the friendly hand wave and "Hello!" when seeing each other outside? Where is the polite smile for the elderly and an offer to help bring in their heavy groceries? A serious and dangerous byproduct of this new world is the collapse of the community. How can you empathize with your neighbor, care if their home is burglarized, see their frown or their smile, if your face is locked onto the various frivolities afforded to you by the never-ending forward push of technological progress. There is nothing wrong with embracing technology. It is only when we forgo the nature of our being, our very empathy and care for our fellow man at the expense of instant, singular, and yes, lonely gratification that ultimately causes negative issues to arise and grow throughout our neighborhoods.

Safety in our neighborhoods must originate from the very residents of those same neighborhoods. If community residents reestablish the colloquial "human touch," the community and its safety thrive. Officers at UNITY ONE, Inc. witness this as an almost daily occurrence. Their patrols regularly take them through once disaffected and detached areas, where just the presence of the officers and their policy of engaging residents with that very same "human touch" have turned the community around. Kindness and empathy are infectious. A smiling and genuinely interested Officer pays-it-forward when the same resident then asks his neighbor if he needs someone to bring in his mail while he is away on a trip. (Days of piled-up and uncollected mail are one of the first signs to a burglar that the home is probably empty.)

UNITY ONE, Inc. holds a Community Safety Seminar at its main office several times per year. This class teaches the attitudes and actions that make the difference between feeling safe both at home and when away, and knowing that if something doesn't look right, your neighbor will be the first to call UNITY ONE, Inc. to check it out.

If you, your neighborhood board or HOA would like to attend one of these seminars, please contact a UNITY ONE, Inc. Community Safety Officer/Instructor.

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