The Godfather Never Stole Your Bike


The Godfather Never Stole your Bike

People hear the term “organized crime” and immediately think of De Niro, Pacino, and Brando. The omertà, or code of silence is just part of the romantic notion that people hold of the colloquial ideal of the mafia, idealistically protecting their neighborhoods and community families from serious crime, in return, looking the other way when something untoward is happening right underneath their noses.

The reality is very different. In return for the community’s absolute obedience to the thugary blatantly ruining their lives, the mafia does as it pleases, usually running smaller criminal rings and enterprises that pay upwards, rewarding the men who wear the shiny suits, never getting their own hands dirty.

One way in which this money moves around, unashamedly destroying the security and safety of the community, is through smaller and localized vehicle and home theft rings. The scooter that you leave unlocked in your parking space, the mail you let pile up at your door or box, the blinds you leave completely open at night; all things that can just as easily call attention to the drugged-out addict looking to steal and sell your tools to cover the cost of his next fix, as to the professional thief and his team, foot soldiers of the greater syndicate acquiring your goods to finance their next major criminal enterprise, affecting not just your community but neighborhoods across the nation.

As simple as locking your doors, remembering to close your garage doors, chaining your scooters and bicycles to solid posts, and all the other seemingly common-sense ideas that so easily slip our minds during the hustle-and-bustle of our everyday lives is enough to deter the opportunistic, and yes, even the professional thief. Nobody wants to work harder then they have to, and this includes the criminal mind as much as it does the nine-to-fiver.

UNITY ONE, Inc. holds various seminars throughout the year in protecting yourself and your community from the most voracious of crimes: Property theft. Also available, UNITY ONE, Inc.’s investigative arm and organized crime team assures complete confidentiality to any person or persons looking to contact them for assistance with an on-going criminal problem. Please call them direct at +1.800.319.5770 and listen to the prompts, selecting to leave a message or to speak to an on-duty investigator. Additionally, email at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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