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DRUGS: Danger Discord or Flippant Fun


Once a hard illegal drug (or an abused legal one) enters your system and begins its process of destroying your body's natural and physiological ability to feel pleasure or pain, love or hate, and the myriad of other physical and psychological damage it inflicts, it captures you just as easily as if you walked into a prison and locked the bars behind you. You can no longer make the choices that allow a community to prosper, protect itself, commiserate with her losses, or just enjoy a BBQ block party. You only want one thing: More. At the expense of loved ones, friends, career and your own very personal safety, you forgo the social contract of a safe, caring and civilized community. Robberies, assaults, theft, and violence all increase exponentially when hard drugs are introduced into a community. Violence begets violence, and the spiral into destruction destroys not just property values, but actual lives.

Through its community policing and private property drug interdiction programs, UNITY ONE, Inc. stops this scourge before its starts, or, helps eradicate an ongoing problem. Every community that UOI's officers patrol has reported a direct and measurable reduction in police responses to drug-related issues.

If your community is afraid of the growing threat that hard drugs bring, please contact UNITY ONE, Inc. to discuss what they can do to cleanup your neighborhood and help make you and you resident neighbors feel safer in their homes. Tel: +1.800.319.5770, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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