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White-Collar Crime – What is it and How to Protect Yourself

 With the advancement of technology, the risk for white-collar crime is growing at a rapid rate. People in prominent company positions or in government offices typically commit these crimes. They earn the trust of the people and misuse this trust for financial gains through bribery, embezzlement, money-laundering, extortion, fraud, and identity theft. These individuals will use deception and manipulation to help them commit these crimes.

This type of crime does not involve people being physically harmed, but tremendous financial loss can incur to the victims and those that are financially dependent on them. Families can lose their entire life savings. College funds are wiped out and the emotional damage can take years to heal.

So the main question remains how can you protect yourself from being a victim of a white-collar crime? There are no sure ways to do this, but there are things to help reduce the risk. Below are practices you can implement consistently to protect your identity, assets, and your family:

• Only you should have access to your personal information such as social security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards, etc. When criminals get their hands on this information, they can easily steal your identity.

• Avoid unsolicited emails and suspicious websites that request very personal information from you. Sometimes people receive emails to obtain information from you; this is a common scam known as phishing. If you see it, be sure to report it and delete it immediately after.

• Never click on a link you receive in an email. Very often scammers will create websites designed to look like well-known companies in hopes that you will enter your username or passwords. If an email directs you to log into an account, start with a fresh browser and hand enter the web address.

• Only access personal online accounts like bank accounts, emails, etc. on secure Wi-Fi connections. Avoid connecting to free unsecure Wi-Fi networks offered at Starbucks or McDonald's because these connections can be hacked very easily.

• After checking your online accounts, be sure to log out once you are done. Keeping yourself logged in can give others access to your information.

• Important personal and financial documents should be locked away and you should be the only one with access to it.

• At work; there are designated employees authorized to have access to personal information. Never give your confidential information to any other employees. Every time you share your information it creates an opportunity to commit a white-collar crime.

• If you see witness suspicious activity within your workplace, be sure to report it immediately. This can stop a white-collar crime from happening before it becomes detrimental!

White-collar crimes are very serious and should not be taken lightly. We hope these tips will help protect you from becoming a victim of such as a crime.

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