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When to Hire a Private Investigator for Your Business

When to Hire a Private Investigator for Your Business

At Unity One, Inc. we are leaders in the private investigations field. To help individuals understand whether or not they should hire a private investigator, we have written this article to give insight on the type of cases an investigator would take on. This way you can determine if you need to hire one for your business.

Pre-Employment Background Screening

A private investigator can do a thorough background check on potential employees to uncover past criminal activity, verify resume references, or validate application details that the individual did not disclose. This is a great way to ensure you really know the person you are hiring. A large corporation should always run a complete background check on potential key executives before they are hired.

Potential Business Ventures and Investments

Are you about to join forces with another business partner or make a large investment? Before you put your money or reputation at risk, have a PI perform your due diligence. Private investigators can find out what lawsuits the entity is currently involved in or has been involved in, as well as bankruptcies filed, liens on properties, and general client viability. A savvy investor can then use this information to avoid bad investments or mitigate investment risks.

Workers' Compensation Claims

These claims can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, an estimated 20% of workers' compensation claims are fraudulent. You can hire a private investigator to verify the legitimacy of a claim. If an employee says they hurt their back while at work, but a private investigator is able to catch them happily enjoying an amusement park ride or playing basketball with ease then this is enough proof to show that the claim is false. This could save your company a lot of money.

Whenever you find yourself in any of these scenarios, contact a qualified private investigator to get the job done right. Make sure what you want them to do is a specialty of theirs. If not, ask them for a referral to a PI that is an expert for your type of case.

UNITY ONE, Inc. has been serving the Las Vegas community for almost ten years. We also offer international security services, security officer services, process server, and private criminal defense investigators. If you are looking for a security officer patrol or PI, give us a call today at 1(800) 319 – 5770.

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