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What Exactly Does a Private Investigator Do and Why Hire One?


By John P. Kelleher

In today's modern world, a professionally trained and licensed private investigator is first and foremost, a professional evidence gatherer. Inadmissible evidence is tantamount to no evidence at all. That's why hiring a professional private investigator is one of the best choices you can make if you are in need of preparing a case for court or a preparing a file for business or personal usage. Whether it's interviewing witnesses, conducting covert surveillance, under-cover operations, financial fraud analysis, or locating a missing person, a competent private investigator should be an expert at collecting and analyzing evidence and packaging it for professional use.

Businesses and corporations routinely hire professional private investigators to conduct employee screenings, background checks, fraud/embezzlement and theft investigations, conduct interviews and interrogations and assess internal and external corporate security threats.

Attorneys and insurance companies routinely hire professional private investigators to locate and interview witnesses in criminal and civil cases, to document accident scenes, conduct background investigations and to conduct covert surveillance in cases involving criminal activity, insurance fraud, or worker's compensation fraud.

Financial investors hire professional private investigators to conduct financial due diligence, research the legitimacy of companies and individuals they may be interested in investing with and to locate missing funds, should a would-be investment seller prove to be fraudulent.

Whether it's a locating a long lost friend or family member, locating assets in a divorce or to enforce a civil judgment to collect on a debt or lawsuit, everyday people need the services of professional private investigators.

One of the primary skill sets that distinguish a good private investigator from a great investigator is real world interview skills. Often, knowing not only what to ask but how and when to ask it can be the difference between obtaining results and wasting resources. At Unity One, our investigators are law enforcement experienced and trained and have thousands of hours of combined real-world experience conducting interviews, interrogations to obtain confessions and using under-cover operative skills to obtain hard to get information. Our investigative team includes professionals who have worked in local, state and federal law enforcement capacities and have real-world, practical, on the job experience in the criminal, civil and private sectors. Experience is a commodity that is often difficult to quantify but when it comes to getting results, Unity One's investigation team is second to none.

So if you have the need to obtain information for whatever reason, the question you should ask yourself is not, whether you can afford to hire a professional private investigator but rather, whether you can afford not to? I assure you, the peace of mind you will receive in knowing your case in the hands of experienced professionals is worth it.

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