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James Bond goes to Wal-Mart


From "secret shoppers" being hired anonymously - reporting retailer secrets, attitudes, and policies, to employees who collect and report insider and internal information to the competition - corporate espionage is an industry that affects the smallest mom-and-pop shop through to the largest industrial fabricator. From Las Vegas to Beijing, Houston to Paris, competitive corporate entities recruit, blackmail, and bribe employees of their competition to collect information about you and your company. When corporate secrets are stolen, the ramifications can be just a deadly to your bottom-line as closing your doors and leaving for Barbados for 6 months.

The intellectual property, design, customer service, hiring practices and so much more, down to the smallest detail, is the lifeblood of a company that strives to do better and faster. Many corporations have their own internal security staff and protocols, but internal and invested security is just as susceptible to espionage and illegal recruiting as any other department.

UNITY ONE, Inc. is one of the only licensed security companies in Las Vegas that offer outside, objective staff security screening, employee background investigations, corporate surveillance detection, and technical surveillance counter-measure (TSCM) assessments and solutions. With no vested interest in one client versus another, all investigations are 100% unbiased and impartial.As one spy agency says, "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

UOI is already patrolling major corporate, commercial and retail establishments throughout the greater Las Vegas Valley. If you or your company is interested in further protecting your organization, property, and livelihood, please contact UNITY ONE, Inc. at Tel: +1.800.319.5770 and request to speak to an on-duty Agent. If preferred, email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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