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Hiring an Investigator - It's Your Decision



When it comes to legal matters, many people immediately seek the counsel of a qualified attorney. And rightfully so, as cases frequently require this type of expertise. Many of these same cases go through the judicial process with appearances before judge and jury. However, what most people fail to realize or consider is the necessity for an investigator to assist in their case.

Ponder for a moment the metaphor that a case is like a bicycle tire. At the center of the tire, there is an axis whereby everything else revolves around. This axis is the core event from which the whole case is derived. It could be a violent crime, a fraudulent theft, or a civil incident. This is literally the starting point where all investigative actions originate.

Like the spokes within the wheel, these investigative actions are carried outward in all directions and encompass a wide array of tasks and leads that must be followed up with and looked into. These may include interviews with witnesses or other victims, conducting a surveillance to gather additional intelligence, doing a physical site or crime scene survey to gather new evidence, or simply reviewing discovery material to determine case merit and strategy.

The individual investigative actions are combined to make up the whole narrative, much in the same way each spoke attaches to the rim of the tire, that circular frame around the axis where everything revolves. A complete story comes together that reveals the truth and further explains the elements of the case.

Finally, the rubber surrounding the rim, the tire itself, is the finished case that is presented for judicial proceedings or settlement matters. Much like the grade of rubber and thickness of the tire tread, there are a great deal of factors that dictate the strength and resilience of a case. How well will it stand up to scrutiny or cross- examination? Are there any holes or loose ends that were left unattended or unidentified? Is the evidence cohesive and clearly interpretable?

The last thing a client should be concerned about is whether or not they have a strong case. Overconfidence by the attorney can attribute to undeveloped leads and underdeveloped evidentiary assets. That is why it’s imperative to consider hiring an investigator for such matters. The primary objective of the investigator is to conduct a complete examination of the core issue and develop a decisive case through research, analysis, and survey.

Sometimes an attorney will have a close relationship, or a kind of partnership, with a specific investigator whom they call upon regularly. Other attorneys steer clear of investigators, whether for reasons of ego, greed, or suspicion.

There are attorneys who believe they know everything and have all the right answers and information they require without the need for additional assistance.

Some attorneys simply want all the money their clients can afford and refuse to divide that revenue by hiring an investigator, often to the detriment of their client’s needs. And then there are those attorneys who have been burned by investigators in the past due to poor performance, again to the detriment of their client’s needs, and remain skeptical about hiring another.

Regardless of the reasons stated above, an investigator should always be considered when legal matters arise. And the decision to hire one belongs to you, not your attorney. An investigator is a second set of eyes and ears that brings new perspective to a case. Through strategic measures and proper analytics, an investigator opens new doors and casts additional light into areas not previously seen or considered. The purpose is to ensure you obtain all the information you require to protect yourself and your loved ones. What’s the difference between an attorney and an investigator? Investigators are truth seekers.


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