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New NSA Rules of Surveillance

New NSA Rules of Surveillance

As a country we will always mourn one of our gravest national tragedies, 9/11. It woke us up to the impending danger of terrorism and the need to be vigilant in guarding our communities, our way of life and our nation against those who would seek to destroy them. 


When to Hire a Private Investigator for Your Business

There is a huge misconception about private investigators (PI's) within the world today. Hollywood has turned a PI's job into something quite different than what is actually happening out in the real world. A PI can be hired for many different reasons both personal and business related. Many times business owners and entrepreneurs are not aware of how they can us a private investigator.


James Bond goes to Wal-Mart

Corporate espionage is alive and thriving. The image that comes to mind when one hears of "espionage" is of the James Bond type: Suave, sophisticated, smart, and deadly. More than likely, the truth is that the illegal agent is somebody you see everyday and share film reviews with around the water cooler; somebody already working for you.


Hiring an Investigator - It's Your Decision

When it comes to legal matters, many people immediately seek the counsel of a qualified attorney. And rightfully so, as cases frequently require this type of expertise. Many of these same cases go through the judicial process with appearances before judge and jury. However, what most people fail to realize or consider is the necessity for an investigator to assist in their case.

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