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The family office, often referred to as the FO, is a privatized venture built to govern the affairs of individual families. The primary objective of any FO is to mitigate the risk exposure of the family’s livelihood and future thereof. The risks being managed include both financial and non-financial components; all of which are given equal attention. Services range from investments and estate planning to philanthropic interests and concierge services.



Often business owners look at protective services as “Bodyguards or Security Patrols”.  From this myopic standpoint the full scope of Protective Services (PS) is not entirely encompassed.

As both physical and intellectual protection are certainly parts of Protective Services.  It goes much farther than that.  It touches the very basis of the business.


Mortgage Fraud #1 in the Series

In the beginning…

In an attempt to educate the populace on Mortgage Fraud, Unity One, Inc. (UOI) will begin a series on mortgage fraud and the industry surrounding fraudulent activities involving the loan system and lending institutions.

Over the last five years, we have seen what the banking industry has done to our economy.  The mortgage crisis has become a fraud pandemic.  Sadly, the majority of the investigative agencies around the world are ignorant or incapable of investigating these types of crimes correctly.


Mortgage Fraud #2 in the series

Next in the story:

After the loan was secured,  Ms. Doe attempted to make payments on her mortgage for three years.   Now, can you imagine, having $2700 a month mortgage payments on a home that is, at best, worth only $121,000?

Several times, throughout the years, Ms. Doe attempted to have her loans modified so that they were reasonable and at a reasonable rate and monthly payment. The banks and loan institutions were well aware that the house was overpriced. The advice given to Ms. Doe through her loan servicer was to allow the House to go into default and at that point they would help her modify loan.


FBI Report

In 2009, the continuing deterioration of the real estate market and the dramatic rise in mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures helped fuel the financial crisis and exposed fraudulent practices that were prevalent throughout the mortgage industry. Weak underwriting standards and unsound risk management practices, which had allowed mortgage fraud perpetrators to exploit lending institutions and avoid detection, became evident once the housing market began declining in 2006.


Where'd They Go? My monies Gone... Find Them...


I was working with a very close Financial Consultant this last week who shared a story with me. The story takes place all over the world. But this is how it began...

Michael was a longtime friend. He owned an education company that helped educate the handicap and those with disabilities. In early 2011, he sold his shares in the company and decided he was going to move to the great northwest.

He had waited most of his life to enjoy his retirement and decided to invest into a Fund that was returning yields upwards of 23% monthly. He invested 2/3 of his considerable savings and was more than satisfied with the initial returns. Which lasted about six months. And then...Gone...


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