Most Dangerous Cities in America

Most Dangerous Cities in America

We wish that topics such as this one did not exist and that things were as wonderful as they can possibly get with the endless means and resources we have to ensure a happy and prosperous life for everyone, however, in our modern world this is not the case. The situation is that there are many dangers and they are all around us. Question is, where are you most likely to be endangered in America? What are the most dangerous cities in our country?


How Does Private Security Reduce Crime Rates?

How does Private Security Reduce Crime Rates

Since 1991 crimes rates have been steadily declining in the United States. Law enforcement and politicians are ready with answers for the public as to what the reasons for these trends are; while it is often attributed to the police and military, there is another entity out there that may be the real answer in many circumstances. UNITY ONE, Inc. would like to examine why this is a growing trend.


Winning the fraud game, the criminals already have a head start on you!

It is incumbent upon the individual investor and investment groups to conduct the majority of the due diligence ahead of time before presenting it as an investment. Contrary to popular belief most investments that are presented are fraudulent. Often, the intermediaries, the brokers, and those who are doing nothing more than introductions are unaware that the end state is a lie.


UNITY ONE, Inc. – Executive and High Level Security

Executive and high-level security, often organizations and governments neglect the basic principle of protecting assets instead of recovering them. All forms of asset protection to include due diligence, executive protection, asset protection and information protection begin with the thought that it could be stolen or misused.



In an age where technological innovation, geopolitical exchange, and human evolution swirl together in rapid cycles of increasing change, it’s extremely important to closely monitor the amalgam in which families, businesses, and other entities manage their resources and ultimately protect themselves for the future. The task of preservation is often uniquely handled through the assistance of a third party entity or a combination of entities. Unity One Consulting (UOC) is an agency that specializes inaiding private individuals and businesses with their daily affairs and long term endeavors.

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