DRUGS: Danger Discord or Flippant Fun

To paraphrase an age-old adage, a family is really only as strong as its weakest link. Las Vegas is our family, and drugs, both the legal and illegal kind, are turning its citizens into weaker and weaker links. The end of this path: A broken chain that once held our fun city secure.


Weaponized Ebola? Facts & Fiction

The Israeli News Agency, citing a study conducted by Israeli Security, reported this week that the Ebola virus may be spreading among ISIS members in war torn Syria. According to the Israeli Security Forces report, "dozens of ISIS terrorists have come down with symptoms identical to the killer virus." The report states that the ISIS fighters are most likely contracting the virus while training in camps in Africa.


Hiring an Investigator - It's Your Decision

When it comes to legal matters, many people immediately seek the counsel of a qualified attorney. And rightfully so, as cases frequently require this type of expertise. Many of these same cases go through the judicial process with appearances before judge and jury. However, what most people fail to realize or consider is the necessity for an investigator to assist in their case.


The Godfather Never Stole Your Bike

People hear the term “organized crime” and immediately think of De Niro, Pacino, and Brando. The omertà, or code of silence is just part of the romantic notion that people hold of the colloquial ideal of the mafia, idealistically protecting their neighborhoods and community families from serious crime, in return, looking the other way when something untoward is happening right underneath their noses.

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